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HR Services


Ivan Technologies has a range of HR Services that can help enterprises conduct hassle free operations without compromising on employee profiles. Our core HR Compliance Services revolve around creation of HR Forms, Templates, Guidelines, Designing Compensation Plans, Policy Formulations, Compliance and Practice Evaluation, Preparation of Employee Handbooks, Supervisor Training and Coordinating Performance Improvement Strategies.

I-9 Background Verification


Form I-9 is core to business on boarding processes to enable a sense of security to both your operations as well as your workforce. At Ivan’s we have a comprehensive systems in place for background verification and I-9 compliance process that oversee form completion, data migration, validation, evaluation and related procedures.

Manual I-9 processing time can be significantly reduced enhancing team productivity through our validation, error detection and remediation measures. The solution can be successfully applied to remote as well as local hires minimising time and costs involved.

Features and Advantages


  • Importing your present I-9 archives employee eligibility can be tracked across geographies
  • Be kept update with the most current forms and be consistently compliant
  • Easy guidelines help you and your employees obtain complete support through the whole process
  • Higher level of efficiency created through automation from signature to results
  • Easy access to audit ready files in just a click
  • Confirm eligibility in just a few moments